How Does List with Orchard Work?

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With List with Orchard, you can sell your home for top dollar without the typical stress or uncertainty. Our local agents will help your home stand out with complimentary listing prep and marketing to find you the perfect buyer.

Here’s what you can expect with List with Orchard:

Experienced local agents

Orchard’s team of licensed local agents are experts in your local real estate market. They will help you find the right buyer, ensuring you sell quickly and for top dollar.

Free listing prep

To help your listing stand out, Orchard provides professional listing photos and a 3D virtual home tour - both free of charge (a $1,000 value).

Marketing support

To spread the word about your home, Orchard will post your listing on your local MLS and hundreds of real estate sites. We’ll also actively share your listing with agents in your market whose clients' criteria matches your home.

Optional guaranteed sale

Need to sell on a specific timeline? Orchard can make you an optional cash offer, so your home sale is guaranteed. Change of plans? You can take your house off the market at any time for free.

How it works

1. Tell us about your home

Provide some information about your home and we’ll send you a free home value estimate. We’ll walk you through the numbers and answer any questions you have.

2. Complete a free home assessment

Schedule a complimentary home assessment with Orchard. This is an important step that helps us evaluate your home's condition and determine a competitive list price for it when it goes on the market.

3. Meet your listing team

During your virtual consultation, the Orchard team will walk you through our program in detail. You'll receive a recommended list price for your home, as well as your instant equity amount, which is the backup cash offer you'd receive if you sold to Orchard. 95% of our customers sell their homes on the market, but your instant equity amount is there in case the market changes or if you need to sell in a pinch.

4. Orchard gets your listing ready

Orchard will prep your home for sale with professional photos and a 3D virtual tour, both free of charge. Then we’ll use our marketing dollars to share your home with buyers in the area – all for the same fee as a traditional real estate agent.

5. Orchard finds you the perfect buyer

Once your listing goes live on your local MLS and hundreds of real estate sites, we’ll help you field and negotiate offers from potential buyers.

Need to sell on a specific timeline? You can sell early to Orchard at your instant equity amount. Change of plans? You can take your house off the market at any time for free.

Program cost

Orchard’s fee is just 6% of your home’s sale price, making it similar to the cost of a traditional real estate agent. If you decide to sell early to Orchard, an additional 1% convenience fee will help us cover our cost to own and resell your home after you move.

To learn more about our List with Orchard service, get started with a free home value estimate:

Get a Free Valuation

Our valuations are 40% more accurate than other leading estimates.

The stress-free way to buy and sell

With Orchard, secure your dream home before you list. Avoid home showings, double mortgages, and double moves.

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