Is This Real Estate Company Too Good to Be True?

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“Contrary to what people might think, Orchard’s Buy & Sell service isn’t the typical iBuyer program.”

I’ll admit that when I interviewed for Orchard to help launch their Denver office, it sounded too good to be true (I now hear that regularly from prospective customers). No matter what the homeowner needed, Orchard appeared to have a great solution. A great example is a recent transaction I conducted with USMC veteran, Brandon, and his wife, Debbie.

Brandon and Debbie have a growing family and needed more space. They started looking online, and it didn’t take long to find their dream house. In fact, they rushed out to tour it and wrote an offer immediately. Unfortunately, the offer was contingent upon selling their current home. And it was quickly rejected. Yet, what were they supposed to do? List their home, wait for an offer, and hope their dream home was still available?

This is the exact problem Orchard is trying to solve, so we stepped in. I met with Brandon and Debbie to explain our service. While I was answering their questions, our inspection team spent about three hours looking at every detail of their home (we covered the inspection cost).

The next day, we sent a cash offer to Brandon and Debbie… and it was not a low-ball, iBuyer-type offer. I told them Orchard would agree to buy their home for 97% of its projected market value. They were thrilled! But it only got better for them.

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We immediately wrote a non-contingent offer on their dream home, and it was accepted! Yesterday, they closed on their old home at 8 am, then we closed on their new home at 2 pm. If the story ended here, I think it would be a success by most standards. Yet, Orchard’s value proposition doesn’t end here.

Once Brandon and Debbie move into their new home next week, Orchard will list their old house. Why? Because we are going to try to capture the remaining 3% of its projected value. However, it’s not so Orchard can make more money on the deal. The upside will be sent back to Brandon and Debbie, less our 6% fee. It’s a win for them, and a win for us (remember, the more money we get them for their home, the more we make on our fee).

Contrary to what people might think, Orchard’s Buy & Sell service isn’t the typical iBuyer program. Our goal is to make money on our fee, not on buying homes at a deep discount and flipping them. So like a traditional agent, we charge a 6% fee to list and sell your home - that’s it.

Unlike a traditional agent though, Orchard makes the process less stressful. You move into your new home before your home sells. Then, we take care of the selling hassles so you don’t have to. No showings…no keeping the house clean…no worrying about the pets as people walk through your home. Brandon and Debbie will be enjoying the comfort of their dream home when I list their old home. And I can’t wait to send them a check for the additional proceeds once it’s sold.

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We know that in Denver’s hot market, you may be competing with multiple buyers for your dream home. That’s why Orchard turns you into a cash buyer and helps you buy before you sell. You don’t risk missing out on a home you love because you still need to sell the home you have.

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