The Best Places to Live in Atlanta

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Atlanta, Georgia is home to many things: top-notch universities, a fast-growing TV and film industry, rap music, and, yes, even Coca-Cola. Plus, the city’s southern charm and global mindset makes it an appealing place for home buyers to put down roots. Atlanta offers a gracious, joyful feel alongside industry hustle, big business, and temperate weather. What’s not to love? 

But while everyone can agree the city is a great place to live, it might be harder to narrow down exactly where to buy a home. Here, we’ve got a list of the best places to live in Atlanta, no matter what your priorities or budget are.

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The best neighborhoods in Atlanta

Living in a city is not only often the most fun option, but it can also make the most sense for a new home buyer interested in condo or townhouse living as opposed to a large, single-family home. If you’d rather step out of your door and have a biscuit spot on your block, living in the city is probably the best choice for you. These are some of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta to buy a home, especially if you’re a young professional and looking to meet new people and grow a community.

Inman Park

If you self-identify as a “foodie” and the first thing you google in a new city is the best brunch spots, you’ll find yourself right at home in Inman Park. Located just a couple miles from downtown, Inman Park was established in 1912 as Atlanta’s first planned neighborhood. As such, it’s full of winding cobblestone lanes, verdant parks, and even an event space in what was formerly the town’s trolley (yes, trolley!) station. Notable restaurants like Wisteria and Folk Art will keep you well fed with Southern comfort food and there are plenty of cocktail bars and brasseries if you’re craving something more cosmopolitan. 

The neighborhood is most known for its historical Victorian-style single-family homes, but several old factories and mills have been recently converted into condos and lofts, providing stylish, hip housing to young professionals and recent graduates. Nightlife, good food, and a central location? Singles, take note!

Candler Park

Candler Park is an impeccably manicured, enormous green space, complete with a golf course, swimming pool, basketball courts, and winding trails. It makes sense, then, that the surrounding neighborhood of the same name is one of the best places to live for active individuals or families looking to tire out their energetic kiddos. If you consider your dog your child, Candler Park may as well be your mecca. You’ll never get bored strolling the paths and playing fetch on the green. Adults will also find plenty of opportunities for community engagement here, too, as volunteers are welcomed aboard for park preservation and improvement efforts. 

Aside from the namesake park, residents will find charming restaurants, movie theaters, and markets to keep themselves well-fed and entertained. 

Look for homes here with front lawns and get ready to greet trick-or-treaters at the holidays. Candler Park is an excellent option for families seeking community pride in an urban center or young working professionals who consider their “long run” the highlight of their week.


Though technically a city of its own, Decatur is often named as a top place to live for urbanites around Atlanta. Got young kids? Come for the excellent schools and stay for the nightlife (nearby universities mean finding a babysitter shouldn’t be too hard, either!). Public schools in Decatur are ranked fifth in the state for 2022, so you can rest easy knowing your little ones are getting an excellent education. History and science museums mean the learning can continue on the weekend, too.

It’s not just books and studying here, though! If you need to stretch your legs, you’ll be pleased to find wildlife sanctuaries like the Woodlands Garden, and creative types will relish the abundance of galleries and record shops.

Look for single-family homes of all sizes and budgets here. There’s a little something for everyone.


Atlanta’s film and television industry has seen a boom in recent years. If you’re a recent grad or young professional in the industry, or just want to rub elbows with those who are, check out Cabbagetown. At roughly four square blocks, this neighborhood is tiny but absolutely packed with quirk. Admire the street art on the Krog Street Tunnel, become a regular at one of the many artsy cafes on Carroll Street, or just relax and picnic in Cabbagetown Park. With an emphasis on culture and leisure, Cabbagetown is perfect for folks in their 20s or 30s who value their social life as much as (or more than!) their professional one. 

You’ll find cottage and shotgun-style homes here, or, in other words, cozy abodes perfect for getting started in a new community. Cabbagetown offers the best of small-town weird and big-city cool. Plus, the aforementioned Krog Street Tunnel will connect you to many other neighborhoods when you need a new view.

Old Fourth Ward

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in this historic Atlanta neighborhood, and his home is still a popular and educational must-see destination. Despite having “old” in its name, the Old Fourth Ward is an exciting and future-thinking place to live. Revitalization efforts started in the 1980’s and continue through today, giving residents public spaces like the Beltline, a bike-friendly path dotted with shops, restaurants, and housing developments. The Historic Fourth Ward Park is a stunning, 30-acre green space, perfect for fitness or leisure. Its proximity to downtown means it’s also a prime location for festivals and city events.

The Old Fourth Ward is a haven for young single professionals, who are snapping up condos and new developments. Move here and you’ll find plenty of fellow newbies and peers. 

Grant Park

One of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta for families with kids is the lush and attractive Grant Park. Families will fall in love with the Victorian and Craftsman-style homes that line the streets here, and Grant Park itself provides ample trails, baseball fields, basketball courts, dog runs, and opportunities for birdwatching. While the nightlife here isn’t as hopping as in neighboring Cabbagetown, there are plenty of low-key and tasty restaurants and cafes. After weekend brunch, check into a class at one of many yoga studios, or visit a cute boutique.

Parents can rest assured that their kids will earn an excellent education at one of the many fantastic local schools. When your little ones grow tired of the Grant Park playgrounds, take them to Zoo Atlanta for an immersive and well-maintained field trip.

The best suburbs in Atlanta

If you’ve outgrown city life, need more space to stretch your legs, or just want a change of pace, moving to a suburb outside the city limit might be your best bet. Atlanta being the incredible city it is, homes in nearby suburbs can be a bit more costly, with median prices resting around $500,000, compared to the city’s median of $400,000. If you’ve got the finances, buying a beautiful home in the Atlanta suburbs could be both a sound investment and an emotional gamechanger. With fantastic schools, respected cultural institutions, and scenic parks, these suburbs provide amenities for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Here are some of the best suburbs in Atlanta to buy a home:


Home to an enormous historic district and situated along the Chattahoochee River, Roswell is perfect for home buyers who want lots of options when it comes to how to spend their time. Why choose between town and country when you could have both? Foodies will marvel as they stroll down Canton Street, home to a number of eclectic and delicious restaurants and breweries. History buffs can visit historic homes, and families with kids will savor their quality time at the educational and interactive Chattahoochee Nature Center.

Roswell prides itself on being an especially dog-friendly suburb. Trails and parks aside, many shops in the town center leave water bowls out to quench your furry friend’s thirst while out for a stroll.

Johns Creek

Also nestled along the Chattahoochee River is Johns Creek, a suburb that makes fisherman and artists feel equally at home. Not only are there trails and parks to keep you active throughout Georgia’s entire temperate year, but the North Atlanta Dance Theatre, Mark Burkhalter Amphitheater, and Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra provide an abundant calendar of cultural activity. 

Older home buyers looking to stay active and engaged might especially enjoy Johns Creek. The amenities here are perfect for those with ample time for leisure and an appreciation for the arts. Plus, the large homes are perfect for hosting family, throwing parties, or just spending an afternoon gardening.


Residents of this posh suburb pride themselves on work-life balance. Professionals can get to the airport in under an hour or hop on the highway with ease, but once they’re away they’ll likely find themselves missing one of the many “only in Alpharetta” independent restaurants or shops.

Families with kids will be grateful for the excellent schools and plentiful playgrounds, while singles who are waiting to settle down will find plenty of like-minded, fun-loving peers at one of the many breweries and restaurants in town.


History meets the future in Suwanee, a friendly suburb with something for everyone. Stroll along historic Main Street for an educational blast from the past, then find yourself in Old Town, which is full of well-preserved storefronts, churches, and homes. Amphitheaters and farmers markets provide a rich social landscape, and kids will get their fill at PlayTown Suwanee, an enormous and beloved playground. Outdoorsy folks will delight in the 85-acre Suwanee Creek Park.

Of course, if you want everything, you’ll have to pay for it. Suwanee homes can cost over $500,000, but new developments might provide some in-budget options in the form of smaller townhomes or condos. Depending on if you’re a retiree looking for lots of space to stretch and stay active, a family needing bedrooms for all, or a young professional buying your starter home, you’ll need something different from Suwanee. Luckily, Suwanee is a suburb with a bit of everything.

Sandy Springs

With over 40% of homes here priced at over $600,000, Sandy Springs is certainly not the most affordable place to buy a home, but the amenities here might be worth every penny. Anyone hunting for a job will find a range of opportunities, with major businesses like Cox Communications, UPS, and Mercedes-Benz USA all headquartered in the bustling downtown. If you still need to get to the city, you’ll likely spend under 45 minutes commuting, not unlike those more centrally located within the city limits.

On the weekends, a number of robust nature preserves and pristine parks provide the setting for hikes, dog runs, or picnics. It’s the perfect place to unwind for the whole family.

Gated mansions, luxury townhomes, and well-kept mid century bungalows make up much of the competitive housing market here. Sandy Springs has a lot to offer if you are willing to pay top dollar.


Just north of Sandy Springs is Dunwoody, a quieter and less dense suburb. Popular with young families, Dunwoody provides home buyers with a small town feel and big city access.

Shopping here is some of the best around, with a number of boutiques angling for your attention at Perimeter Mall and independent-minded Perimeter Place. More of a sports fan than a shopaholic? If you buy a home in Dunwoody you’ll be in a prime location to get to both Braves and Falcons games. 

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Finding the best place to live in Atlanta

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