Here’s How Our Orchard Parents Make Back to School Prep a Breeze

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With September just around the corner, we know that many of our customers are tackling both the hunt to find their family’s dream home, as well as preparing their kiddos to go back to school. 

Lucky for you, we asked our Orchard parents for their tips and tricks to make back to school prep stress-free this year. Here’s what they had to say: 

“Create a back-to-school playlist! Play it first thing when you wake the kids up to help with that morning grogginess or in the car if you commute with them!” 

-Melissa Smith (Market Manager, San Antonio)

“Do what you can the night before to minimize stress in the morning! I try to lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night prior for smooth sailing in the morning.”

-Jenna Rozenblat (Head of Real Estate Operations, Atlanta)

“Talk about how exciting it’s going to be to learn new things and meet new friends.”

-Rashanda Johnson (Buying Specialist, Raleigh-Durham)

“Set a new sleep schedule for kids at least a week ahead of time to get them used to waking up early.”

-Walter Brown (Home Advisor, Austin) 

“Have your kids set an intention for a great day, like “I will make a new friend today,” or “I will do a kind thing for a friend.” 

-Kristi Hull (Brokerage Operations Associate, Austin)

“We let ours take his favorite stuffed animal with him in his backpack so he has something familiar with him to calm any anxiety he may have” 

-Michael Boswell (RVP of Sales, Austin)

“Be prepared! Be excited! Have a good breakfast!”

-Matt Taylor (Brokerage Operations Associate, Austin)

“Prepare your kiddo for the 1st day — make sure they know how they should expect to get home: bus or car-rider, where to go and what to do!”

-Kelly Hall (Director of Operations, Charlotte)

Searching for your family’s dream home can be stressful. Back to school prep shouldn't make navigating your home search impossible. Curious to learn more about how Orchard can simplify the home-buying process for you? Get started with a free home valuation here.

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