Perch Launches in Austin, Texas

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Hello, Austin! Perch is excited to announce that we have launched our home buying and selling platform in the great city of Austin, making it our third market in Texas.

Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in America with tens of thousands of people moving to Austin each year. Perch makes home buying and selling simple and stress-free for Austinites moving in, out, and within the city.

If you’re selling your Austin home and buying a new one in the area, Perch is the perfect way to make that process simple and stress-free. We know one of the biggest headaches of this process is trying to line up the timing just right, so we created a way to buy before you sell and still get market price for your old home. We’ll handle your home sale and new home purchase, giving you the certainty of a guaranteed home sale and the ability to list your home to get market price from a new buyer.

We’ll help you shop for your dream home, and when you find it, Perch will buy your current home, so you unlock the equity for your purchase. After your offer is accepted, Perch lists your old house for sale, and when it sells, you get the additional proceeds.

The Perch team knows firsthand that Austin is an incredible place to live. “Austin is a city that has embraced growth in the past few years while still maintaining its trademark quirkiness,” shares Andy Cook, Perch’s Austin General Manager. “I’ve lived in this city for the past 28 years, and I know Austin homeowners will truly love the Perch experience.”

As we grow the Perch team in Austin, we’re hiring local experts to help us best serve the unique needs of our customers in Austin. That includes Home Inspectors, Real Estate Agents, Customer Experience Managers, and more. Check out all of our open roles here.

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